Monday, January 4, 2010

Its a wonderful life

2009 was a year of new discoveries, adventures, and starting fresh. James and I went on our first real vacation (to New Orleans), I finally graduated from college, I discovered my love for baking, and I got a new job that I love.

Right when things were looking a bit bleak in my life I discovered baking. Since then I feel like anytime I go to a store, all I'm doing is looking for an ingredient, tool, or cook book to help me improve. Here is a run down of the cakes I haven't had a chance to post on here because I made them before I started my blog.

The first one was the cake I made for my sister, Louie's, friend Nick. Nick always wears Nike shoes and has a lot of pairs. Louie, being the ambitious little sister that she is, decided that for our first real cake (she was my assistant), we were going to go all out and use fondant and make the shoe out of rice krispie treats. Surprisingly, it turned out wonderful. Not bad for a first timer. Nick really liked it too.

The next one I made for an employee from my aunt's job. She had finished college and had just got a job in her field so they wanted a cake. I think she was becoming a guidance councilor at an elementary school so I wanted to incorporate that into the cake. Plus it had a surprise interior.

Delicious rainbow cake


For my cousin's Laura's 25th birthday (we celebrated her 25th birthday on the 25th day of the month -- 25 on 25) I made some cupcakes with 25 butterflies on them. I set it up on a tower and made plenty of chocolate cupcakes (since she's a chocoholic).

 Then Halloween came along and I made some more cupcakes for my niece's class. I choose mini cupcakes for the since they're 4 year-olds. Plus instead of using any oil, I substituted it with applesauce it make it a little healthier for the kids. My niece, Angelina, was spidergirl for Halloween and she insisted that I make spider cupcakes. She got what she wanted.

After Halloween it was my grandmother's birthday. Ever since I was young my grandma has LOVED owls. I remember being in 4th grade art class and we were painting these thing wood scraps. I found one that was the perfect owl shape and I knew immediately who I'd give it too. I painted it and it looked so awesome. I remember being so proud of it. Then I gave it to her for her birthday or mother's day -- some holiday and she loved it too. I was so proud of myself. So when I found this idea in the Hello, Cupcake book (shown in an earlier post), I could not wait til it was her birthday. We had the whole family together for a surprise birthday party and this was our dessert.

After that, I got my first paying gig. Luz hired me to make cupcakes for her niece's and friend's birthdays. She asked me to make 4 penguin cupcakes and i think it was 16 panda bear ones. These ideas also came from Hello, Cupcake. These were fun to make and I also had the assistance of Louie to make these as well.

Finally, the latest cake I made was for New Years Eve. James and I went to a friend's house for a grown up New Years party. It was a bit low key as there were only 7 people there but we had a good time. We had amazing food (I'm still very impressed with the crab cakes) and played a fun game of Scatagories. James and I had made an angel food cake with strawberries and I must say that it was DELICIOUS! There was three layers of angel cake and between each layer was a thick layer of cool whip and the sweetest freshest strawberries you've ever tasted. Unfortunately the pictures I have of this doesn't really do it justice. Which just means that we will have to make it again so we can take some better pictures.

All in all a good year for baking. I'm looking forward to the next year. James and I are finally getting our own place (and my own kitchen)!! We will be taking a cake decorating class together soon. More experimenting with cakes and just trying to have a wonderful life.

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  1. You've got quite a talent there! Congrats!