Monday, January 18, 2010

Split, Fill, and Ice

James and I started the Wilton cake decorating class at Micheal's on January 6th. The first class was okay. Here's a quick run down of what happened.
  • We met Linda, our instructor. 
  • There's only one other woman in our class; it's very small but I like it.
  • We went over the things we will be learning and Linda gave us the scoop on what we need and what's not really worth getting.
  • Linda gave us a homework assignment - make buttercream icing, make cake, bring in tools.
The second class was more interactive and we got our hands dirty---which is AWESOME of course!
  • Brought in the cake --I made white cake, James made yellow.
  • Took the cake out of the pan and leveled the cake off by cutting off the top
  • Cut the cake in the middle. Took off the top half and placed it aside for later.
  • Made a thick border around the cake to keep the filling in. Then filled it up with some icing.
  • Smoothed it out and replaced the top half of the cake, making sure it was straight.
  • Took the cake icer tip and iced around the cake and on top.
  • With a spatula and hot water, smoothed the icing and removed any excess.
  • Learned how to make the shell border around the circumference.
  • Linda gave us a small amount of homework for this week - make more icing, bring tips and decorating bags.
Finished products:
James's cake after he cut a perfect piece out for me to taste. Look at how smooth it is and James did it all by himself!! (Even though he was having a little bit of a hard time getting the icing to stick onto the sides of the cake) hahah.

This is my cake with a purple border. When James and I made the frosting, we didn't realize that the Crisco with butter flavoring would give a yellow tint. Next time we will stick to the original and hopefully it will come out whiter. The cake tasted really good. The buttercream was kind of strange. It was very, very sweet with a hint of salty taste to it. I put the recipe for the frosting below.

Linda's Special Wilton Buttercream Icing
2 cups solid white vegetable shortening (Crico --not butter flavored!!)
2 lbs pure cane confectioners' sugar (approximately 8 cups)
1 tsp of salt
1 stick of butter (room temperature)
1 tbs clear Vanilla extract flavoring

Mix everything together (add vanilla last). It takes approx. 20 mins with a stand mixer or a little longer with a hand mixer. Start slow at a speed of 2 and then increase the speed to about 4. Mix until all ingredients have been thoroughly mixed together, occasionally scraping the bottom of the bowl with a spatula to ensure it is all being mixed. Blend an additional minute or so, until creamy.

There you go! Enjoy and let me know what you think!


  1. My cake looks like Pacman.

  2. I'm telling you this cake should be the companion cake for the Nike Sneaker Cake! Prefect coloring